The Canticos Club NFT collection is the first in a series from Susie Jaramillo, award-winning author, artist, producer, and creator of Canticos.

Susie launched Canticos to help children learn in English and Spanish inspired by the nursery rhymes, songs, and stories she grew up with in Latin America. With millions of children falling in love with her stories, characters, and songs, Canticos is teaching letters, numbers, phonics, and more to a generation of children in two languages.  The Canticos franchise has grown to become the #1 bilingual preschool property with award-winning videos, music, books, games, toys, and an app.

The first phase of the Canticos NFT collection will feature Kiki Chickie. Based on the iconic Spanish-language nursery rhyme “Los Pollitos Dicen”, Kiki is one of the three lead Canticos characters and is the bold, brave chickie who takes on big challenges. The initial NFT collection brings Kiki to life using digital generative art to create a fun and whimsical take on women of personality, power, and purpose. The launch will also include a series of unique NFTs with Kiki Chickie paying homage to female icons.

With this NFT launch, Canticos enters its next phase of development which includes an animated series, expanded consumer products, publishing, events, and a virtual metaverse experience.